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Computer Repair Service Jupiter Inlet Colony

  • MAC Computer Security
  • Cracked Macbook Pro Screen Repair
  • Fix My MAC
  • Laptop Repair MAC and PC
  • Cracked Macbook Pro Screen Repair
  • Broken Computer Repairs

Computer Network Service

Mac Network of all your hard-wired devices. Desktops, printers, Employees computers to the server. Wired direct is the fastest signal over wireless also more secure.

Wireless Computer

Router for Bluetooth and WiFi for file sharing, printing, and saving all your documents. Bluetooth for devices like iPads, laptops Macbooks, headsets, camera’s etc.

MAC Network Service

Network your whole building for fast internet. If your computer on the internet is slow, one consideration is the cable that the data is through. Like a water hose the bigger the hose opening, more water flows faster. The same with the Cabled wiring in your home or business.

Wireless Computer

Wireless router for all your Bluetooth technology devices. Wireless keyboards, Printers, mouse etc. Installation of high-grade cable helps with the speed of your computer And will help the router to optimize the internet speed to your computer. 

Laptop Common Repairs

Data Recovery Service in Jupiter Colony

  • Computer Security

  • Data Backup Repair

  • Emergency Data Recovery

  • Computer Security

  • USB Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Service

IT Services for lost data or missing files of your photos are now missing along with your music and paperwork. There are many reasons for missing data files. A failing hard drive data or the partition on the hard drive is failing. Your data can be recovered.

External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery. All hard drives eventually fail. We encourage every customer to be ready. For once you have lost important data. Lost pictures or music it is very painful. Then you will never risk getting that pain of losing files again.

Computer Back Up Plan

Having a plan to have your data automatically back up to a secure place is ideal. But, you just have to go check on the system to make sure it’s automatically working. So when your computer hard drive fails or heaven forbid a disaster like

  • Theft, Fire or Flood
  • Virus, Malware or Spyware
  • Corrupted Partition

Under such stressful conditions. You can get another computer and be back up and running in no time at all. Saving your business and peace of mind. Let Ballard Computer help you with saving your data.

USB Drive Recovery



Computer Support and Services

  • MAC & PC Laptop Repair

  • Laptop Keyboard Repair

  • Wireless Network Setup

  • Slow Computer Repair

  • Common Computer Repairs

  • Computer Security

Broken Computer Repairs

Computer freezing or getting operating errors, we can fix your computer. First, we do a free diagnostic test to find out if there are computer parts going into failure or stopped working. Once the diagnostic testing is done we know if the problem is hardware or software.

Laptop Screen Repair

Computer Security

Network Security to protect your computer is very important. Keeping others out of your computer and off your network. Setting up a network in your office or home.  Sharing files with employees and guest in your home. Passwords for the only guest to keep them out of your personal files. Neighbors will not be allowed to share your network and do illegal business transactions. We secure your computers and your network to keep you safe.

Motherboard Failure

If your motherboard is not working properly. A lot of the time the computer can’t find files or not boot up at all.  Computer shuts itself off is a safety measure because the computer is too hot. If your computer is hot and shutting off. We can fix it. However, after we do a diagnostic test to if its software or hardware problems.


Computer Service In Jupiter Colony

  • Slow Computer Repair

  • Virus Repair Shop

  • Freezing Computer Repairs

  • Gaming Computer Repair Shop

  • Computer Os Repair

  • Computer Keyboard Repair

Common Computer Repairs

We love our computers but caring a laptop can cause some damage to the hard drive over time. Like improper shutting the computers down by not properly shutting down. Dropping your computer even a little can cause sectors on the hard drive to damage your data. Causing your operation system to go in and make a patch. Over time these patches cause startup issues. Eventually, the drive will fail or the data will get corruptions and not turn on.

Computer Repair Shop

PC repairs that are common are keyboard and cracked screens on laptops. DC jack is not charging your battery anymore. Virus, malware or spyware that was downloaded without your knowledge. Slowing your computer down for the virus is working in the background and you’re not even aware. We fix any and all computer problems on all brands of PCs. Desktop computers, Laptop and Servers.

Gaming Computer Repair Shop

Screaming fast computers built to satisfy even the fastest of or daytime tradesmen. The super cool case that the memory sticks glow in different colors.

Computer Consultant

  • IT Consultant

  • Business Consultant Services

  • Small Business Consultant

  • Business Consultant Services

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Wireless Computer Services Cat6 or Cat7 Cabling

Slow internet? Might be from old cabling in your building. Update your building with Cat6 or Cat7 cabling. Then install your wireless router. Optimize the signal. Secure the line and your rocking and roll’in.

Business Consultant Services

When you hire us you get over 30 years of working experience of our palm beach companies. We have been helping our neighbors grow their business with affordable technology suggestions. We know we can help you too.

The first consultation is Free. Call us today!

  • Computer Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Google Business Apps
  • Network Security
  • Internet Domain Set up
  • Internet Phone Systems


IT Consultant Services


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