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Data Recovery Service Jupiter

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • External Hard Drive Recovery
  • Hard Drive Recovery Service
  • External Hard Drive Repair
  • USB Drive Recovery

Are MAC and PC Hard-Drives created equal?

MAC and PC drives will eventually fail. Not all hard drives are created equal. However, there is the truth with equating the price for the quality. Like an External Hard-drive Repair and recovery of the data is the same as a regular Hard-drive. We have found that the external Hard-drives quality equates to the price. If you’re wanting a durable Hard-drives, be pre-paired for the better drives are more expensive.

USB Drive Recovery = Flash Drive Recovery

Yes, we can extract data from an external Hard-drives, but it is more difficult. These devices are convenient but sensitive and prone to damage. So only use this device as a temp way to move data.

Hard Drive Recovery Service

Data Back-up Services

IT Services to back up data like photos, music, and data. Once configured to the computer, the data will be automatically backup on a schedule of your choice. Automatically, then you only have to check the data has indeed transferred the data the backup location. When buying a new computer BCS  can transfer the data from your old computer into the new one. Virus and Malware Removal

Virus and Malware Removal

Spyware malware and virus removal. This is part of our maintenance plan or just ask us to do this for you. Online, in our computer lab or the home or office. Sometimes the Virus or Malware has begun to overwrite your precious data. We can extract the data manually. It is very effective if we have the name of the files needed.

Solid State Hard-drives Installs

Highly recommended by Ballard Computer Solutions. They can be installed in both MAC and PC computers.

Computer Repair Service Jupiter

  •  MAC Computer Security

  • racked Macbook Pro Screen Repair

  • WiFi Repair

  • Security Network

  • Computer Freezing Repairs

  • Network Printer Setup


MAC Network Installations and Repairs. New computer set up for home or business Network installation or repair for WiFi. The wireless network can link all your devices. Set up and configure the Network for Printers. Optimize the usage of all printers to all computers for file sharing, saving and printing. Set-up other devices like tablets, scanners for the routers. Operating System updates.

Fix My iMAC

Needing a little more memory or speed? No problem we can add more memory and hard drive space to speed up your computer. Solid State hard drives are the best and fastest. Installing a Solid State Drive will definitely speed up your computer.

MacBook Pro Laptop Repair

Repair the LED screens when cracked and keyboards stop responding or keys get popped off. Water Damage to MacBook Laptop. (Turn the computer off and starve the electric until all liquid is gone). Bring your laptop to us we can help you get back to the prior accident. We open up the computer allowing it to dry out completely. Then we test every computer part of the computer. Accessing any water s parts for damage. Laptop Keyboard Repair

MAC Computer Security

The securest laptop is the latest in daily antivirus protection software. If your computer is running slow or you have missing files. Those are symptoms you might have a virus or malware on your computer. We will remove the unwanted programs that have the malicious software and try to restore as much information as possible.

Macbook Keyboard Repair

Computer Support and Services


Laptop Repair PC

All brand of and models of PC repaired. All issues of dropping your computer can cause damage to the case, or crack the screen. Keys popping off can be repaired or start over with a new keyboard. Helps hold the value of your laptop and frustration a missing key can bring.

Network Set Up and Printer Configuration

Home or business installation of a new computer(s) for a network will link all your computers and printers together for file sharing and saving. The network is best for a backup system on all files in one place and backs-up the server daily. The server is one fast computer dedicated to storing all data. Data files for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, budgets, photos, music etc.

Virus Removal and Tune-ups

Virus, spyware, and malware slow down your computer and if left undetected can destroy the owner’s data. The malware will overwrite your data if they run out of space for the malware spyware data storage.  Your computer is part of their network of a lot of other peoples computers. Maintenance plans will speed up your computer by removing unwanted files.

Computer Glass Repair

Computer Service Jupiter

  • Computer Repair PC Operation System Errors

  • Slow computer repair Spyware, Malware, and Virus Repair

  • Hard Drive Recovery

  • Computer Screen Repair

  • No lights On Computer

  • Computer Keyboard Repair Keyboard Repair PC Keyboard Repair

  • Custom Gaming Computer Repair Shop

Computer Repair Jupiter

We diagnosis and repair all brand of PC computers. PC operation system errors. Transfer data from an old computer into a new one. Set up and configure the new computer to printers and network.

Slow Computer Repair

A slow computer can be for many reasons. Virus, spyware, and malware can slow your computer to a crawl. No one antivirus is perfect. But the best one it the one that is updated every day before you start to surf the internet. Every computer that leaves our shop has an antivirus installed to protect it. If you have Windows 10 OS, you will not need another for it’s a great antivirus already comes with the operating system.

Hard Drive Recovery

Computer hard drives are not meant to last forever. They will fail at some point. So be ready with an effective backup system. We can help you with what is best for your business or home.

Best Computer shop in Palm Beach.  

Custom Gaming Computers

Gaming computer repair shop. A custom gaming computer that is lighting fast. Water cooled and just awesome. Speed to get you to where you want to be now! You hit the button and no wait time. Great not only for gaming but daytime traders love the speed to get the transaction complete in record time.

Online Computer Repair.

We fix your computer remote service. Here is a list of repairs that can be done remotely. Call us and tell us your computer problems we can help you.

  • Virus Malware Removal
  • PC Tune-Up and Check Up
  • Networking Wired Wireless
  • Wi-Fi and Wireless Networking
  • Child Protection and Internet Security
  • Outlook eMail Repair & Recovery
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Running Slow
  • New Computer Setup
  • Hardware Driver Configuration
  • Scanner Installations
  • Router Configuration
  • Printer Installations
  • Computer Training
  • Remove Website Redirection
  • Junk Program Removal
  • Repair Hard Drive Corruptions
  • Software installs and updates
  • Operating System Updates

Computer Consultant

  • IT Consultant

  • Technology Consultant Services

  • Small Business Consultant

  • Business Consultant Services

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Free Business Technology Consulting

Free Consulting for your business and your goals. We can help you achieve the most effective computer network of computers to efficiently get your daily task done. Find out if there is an automated process that can save time and money.

Software and Hardware Advice. 

 VOIP Phone System

We install a business system with computers, Phone system and computer accessories that will make your time and money more effectively. Call to get your free consulting session today!

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

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