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Networking Wired & Wireless

Networking Wired & Wireless MAC and PC Computers Network Solutions.

Networking Wired &Wireless MAC and PC computers Network Solutions. network security to lock your network to neighbors, and unwanted guest that can possibly use your internet connections to do illegal things. Firewall installed and configuration of router settings will give the fastest speed while keeping your internet safe.

Computer Network Solutions

will help simplify the ease of getting the data you need. Retrieve data from a workstation, Server, Laptop, or Tablet. Save data from a computer that has all your important information. Allow for employees or other family members to view. But secure it to keep other out. Save data or print from your business, another room, another side of the house or by outside pool. Network Wired is the linking of communication media through an electrical cable. Power-line communication, or optical fiber, and radio waves are known as Wired technologies.

Network Wireless is known as the terrestrial microwave. Transmitters and receivers resembling satellite dishes. Communication Satellites and Cellular and PCS systems technology used through routers. A router is an inter-networking device uses telephone and Ethernet cable connections.Properly installed networking wired and wireless MAC computer
Dentrix Digital X-rays, BCS has been installing, Updates and repairing Dentrix Software for 15 years for our neighborhood Dentist offices.
  • Mac and PC Wired or Wireless Install or Repair
  • Printer Setup and Sharing
  • Router Repair, Setup, and Configuration
  • Backup System Install or Repair
  • Firewall or Security System
  • Inter-Office Instant Messaging
  • Paperless Office – all Documentation,
  • Dentrix Software, Digital X-Rays, Digital Pictures
  • Email account Set-up and Repair.
  • Internet Set-up and Repair
  • Security Firewall’s 

    Networking & Routers

    We can install a wired network for you to enhance speed and security. If you need multiple computers and peripherals connections in your business, we can set up a wireless cable router as well as other dial-up internet connection. This network is the easiest, and you may also add printers and other devices to the network.

    Have a large home or business with poor internet connection in part of your house or yard? We can install additional devices to bust the internet signal in your home or business. Our team will also ensure a secure connection to protect your network from people who may want to hitchhike it. You can contact us now if you need a wireless network at home or business. 561- 880-0110

    IT Support

    Our support offers on-site and remote services. Their experience, knowledge, affordability and friendly interactions speak for them. We provide 24/7 services to solve your issue at any time you need us. We believe in a fast turnaround with a high success rate. You will want to come back to us with our competitive pricing to save your money on a quality service.

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