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PC Computer Service (Computer Repair Shop)

PC Computer Repair includes virus and malware removal for PC and Mac. With the windows 10 Operating system, you have the best built-in antivirus system in today’s marketplace. As long as the updates are done regularly. Any antivirus has to be updated. 

Finally, you may need to install a good firewall on your Mac or PC to prevent any outside attempt to gain access to your PC. We specialize in removing viruses and malware. If you have spyware or malware problems, you can always reach us.

PC Virus and Malware Removal

Virus and Malware Removal

PC Tune-Up and Checkup

Computer Technician Computer Repairs

PC Repairs Needed Fast? Get Back to Work Fast. Computer Technician Computer Repairs. We are specialists in computer checkups and tune-ups.

Do you need your old computer system customized? We can repir your computer system, upgrade to run better than the day you bought it.  Expert Computer Service to make your computer operate faster and efficiently by;

– Scanning hard disk for any read or write errors

– Check the volumes of the hard disks to improve functionality

– Hard drive optimization

– Clean up registry

– BIOS Optimization

– Uninstall the unused services


Data Backup – Network Solutions Wired/Wireless

Network solutions Wired/Wireless, Data backup makes it easy to get an automated backup for the whole office. Securing the data for the chance you might need to refer to the data in the future. Lost data happens from lost files. overwriting the data. Or someone stealing your computers. Our team of specialists is well known for hard drives and data backup services. We offer cost-effective and fast data backup services for your PC. With our experienced team of experts, you can be sure to receive the very best.

Computer Repair Service



Computer Repair Service in our Computer Lab.

Secure The Data First

After the testing, we will call you to tell you what is wrong with your computer and the price to get your computer fixed. If you decide to have repairs done great, we will start right away. If you choose not to have the MA or PC fixed, there is no charge. You will have to come to pick your computer up. ASAP

Computer Lab Testing

Computers need to be tested to see what is wrong with your computer. We do extensive testing on each internal computer part of your computer. The test will reveal the part that is not working and at the time of analysis. The time to test your computer will take a few hours or overnight depending on the computer. We will advise you of how long your computer will be in the testing lab and call you with the results.

My Computer is Slow. Need Fast Repair? Fast Repairs -To Get You Back to Work!

Everyone that has a broken computer, always wants repairs done Fast. We are a computer clinic to help you get your Laptop or computer repaired fast. So you can get back to work. Call us we can help you and your company!

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When your computer not worth Repairing?

Free Diagnosis to determine if, a computer is not worth Repairing for the repairs cost more than what your computer is worth.  If the repairs are more than the computer is worth. We will tell the customer and let them decide what is best for them. There is no charge for the diagnosis. We would instead take your money and put in a new computer.

We Fix PC and all brands of Computers in our Computer clinic.

Always 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Computer Repair Near Me.-Locations

If you decide to buy a new computer: We can transfer the data from your old computer into the new one. (There will be a transfer data fee for this service.)

Have Questions about your business needs for a computer or the right software for the job? 

MacBook Pro Cracked Screen Repair

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