Why You Should Consider Installing a Wi-Fi Mesh in Your Home

Why You Should Consider Installing a Wi-Fi Mesh in Your Home

Why You Should Consider Installing a Wi-Fi Mesh in Your Home. Forget about using an old-school router because today, you have a better option—a Wi-Fi-mesh. It’s dubbed as the perfect solution to your home connectivity issues. Essentially, it’s a system of Wi-Fi stations installed in a house. Unlike a conventional router that offers very limited coverage, a mesh network allows you to access the internet even in hard-to-reach places.

It minimizes dead zones and ensures that you enjoy a smooth connection all day long. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing signal because you moved farther away from the router.

Contrary to popular belief, a Wi-Fi mesh network is not only designed for large homes. Based on a series of experiments, experts discovered that it can also be used for those with modestly-sized houses. It’s perfect if you want to avoid installing bulky contraptions or large antennas. It also includes systems like Google Wi-Fi or Eero, which allows you to control and manage the network without breaking a sweat.

Wireless Connection for the Entire Household

You can thank the growing popularity of mobile apps such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Video, Shazam, and Pandora for the continuous innovation of home Wi-Fi connections. Tech giants have been focused on creating ground-breaking inventions to upgrade wireless internet connections. Ballard Computer Solutions is right here in Palm Beaches. Helping all of our neighbors with their technical devices. No dead spots in your home or office. No matter what the size. After we install our Wifi Mesh up of technical boosters of WiFi systems. Ballard Computer knows how to get the max signal to any part of your residence or business.

In modern day, wireless routers are used to provide connection to most parts of a small to medium-sized house. However, larger structures with thick walls and multiple floors require a more sophisticated network that can connect devices efficiently.

Most of the time, range extenders are used to cover dead zones, but they rarely provide the same bandwidth that the main router provides. A wired connection to the main Wi-Fi router as well as a separate network SSID may be required for the range extender to run smoothly.

If this kind of setup sounds tedious to you, we recommend getting in touch with Ballard computer, so you can have a good Wi-Fi connection installed in your home or office.

What Do I Need to Know About Wi-Fi Mesh System?

A mesh system is specifically created to provide a seamless wireless coverage in all parts of a building. It’s made up of different components that connect the router to the modem and the satellite modules. These are carefully installed in various parts of the house to maximize their reach. Unlike the range extender, every part of a Wi-Fi mesh acts like one wireless network, which means that you don’t have to log-in every time you move from one room to another.

Furthermore, most of the system satellites sold in the market today use advanced technology to allow routers to communicate with one another. The nodes found in each mesh network act as hop points that allow faster delivery of the wireless internet signal. Do take note that not every Wi-Fi system using mesh networking. Other networks use a radio band that facilitates faster communication between different routers. Mesh systems have a specialized band that can free up bands up to 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

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iMac Pro vs Old iMac

iMac Pro vs Old iMac

iMac Pro vs Old iMac: Things to Consider Before You Buy a New iMac Pro Unit

iMac Pro vs Old iMac: Last December 2017, Apple released the iMac Pro. It’s not that different compared to its predecessors except for its darker grey finish. If you’re among the many techs savvies out there who want to get their hands on this piece of tech, you ought to make a few considerations first. Before we delve further into the details of the new iMac, let’s first discuss its price. Currently, the iMac Pro is selling at $4,999. Yes, you read that right, just a dollar under 5000 bucks. If that’s not expensive enough for you, then we don’t know what is.

Should I get an iMac Pro?iMac Pro vs Old iMac

If you want a powerful workstation that offers advanced graphics abilities and enables you to create high definition videos or produces 3D graphics and develops VR images or videos, the iMac Pro is definitely a good choice. Aside from its top-notch processing unit, it can also support up to four external 4K HDR displays or 2 5K displays. In case you’re not an artist, but you want smooth and fast graphics for your games and videos, it’s also worth purchasing an iMac Pro. Many users comment Apple for insulating the internal parts of the unit to prevent it from overheating. There are also large internal fans used to dispel hot air from the board and into the ducts. Unlike the other iMac units, the Pro version’s logic board cools efficiently, which ensures the smooth operation of the 5K retina display and helps the unit produce crisp graphics. This feature is quite similar to the heat sinks found in Lenovo and IBM units.

What are the most notable specs of the unit?

The iMac Pro boasts a jaw-dropping 5,120 x 2,880 pixels resolution and a 5K retina display.  Depending on your available budget, you can choose between an 8G or a 16GB graphics card.

iMac Pro: What’s Inside

Processor: You can choose either an 8 or 10-core Xeon W processor, depending on your needs. Storage: The storage options include 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB. Make sure you choose to depend on how much data you want to keep in your unit. RAM: The value ranges from 32GB to 128GB, which is relatively high compared to other units sold in the market today.

Speed and Crisp Graphics

Yes, the exceptional size of the state drive and RAM pushed up the prices, but we can safely assume that the sky-high price of the unit is primarily attributed to its formidable video and graphics abilities. If you’re after speed and crisp graphics, you may want to invest on an iMac Pro. Otherwise, you can just settle for an iMac upgrade. It is fairly simple to repair or upgrade an existing iMac. Apple and its distributors frown upon upgrading or repairing an old iMac unit. Thankfully, you can easily find seasoned iMac repair professional MAC technicians at Ballard Computer Solutions. Updating your iMac’s state Drive Updating your iMac’s state drive or increasing the RAM is far cheaper than buying a Pro version. Before you think about purchasing a new iMac pro with your hard-earned cash, we recommend checking your existing unit, if you already have one, and ask for a free diagnostic test from a local iMac repair shop. Ask how much you will shell out for an upgrade. Certainly, the price won’t come close to that of the iMac Pro. Call Ballard Computer if you have any questions about MAC or PC. Ballard Computer Solutions E-mail rusty@ballardcomputer.com Website https://ballardcomputer.com Address: 8762 Burma Rd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403 Phone (561) 880-0110

Easy Ways to Backup Your  Mac & PC Computer

Easy Ways to Backup Your Mac & PC Computer

Easy ways to back up your computer, Mac & PC

Easy ways to back up your computer, Mac & PC. We have been asked numerous times about how our customers (business and personal) can backup and protect their data. This is a basic explanation of how it can be done. Some of our customers are experiencing very stressful moments with their data storage and backup solutions and have to resort to using data recovery experts to retrieve their information. We have encountered a number of people that use an external hard drive that is connected to their computer and they are working exclusively off of that external hard drive and that is their only copy of the data. If you are doing that you need to stop what you are doing and make a copy of that drive ASAP.

Don’t ONLY use USB external hard drives to backup

Even if you just copy the full contents of the external hard drive to another computer. You always need at least 2 or more copies of your data on different storage devices in case one fails. What people don’t realize is that a lot of hard drive manufacturers use their worst hard drives in the external hard drive enclosures, it’s usually all about price and not dependability, even if you pay a higher than normal price, it doesn’t mean you have and better hard drive. Something else to consider is if you back up your data onto many drives and you just leave those drives on your desk or other unprotected spots in your home or office it doesn’t protect your data at all from fire, floods, theft or other disasters. That’s why you need a dependable, safe, off-site cloud backup solution.

Always make sure you have a good backup Mac or PC without errors

Any backup is better than none at all, and I believe you can’t have too many backups. Always make sure that you have a newer complete, error-free backup before you delete an older one. A number of times I have had customers do backups on their computer or server for months and then they crash just to find out that the backups are not usable.

If you Absolutely, Positively need your Data, then scroll down to “Dependable Off-Site Cloud Backup Solution”

If you don’t back up at all?
Below are easy ways to backup your Windows and, or Mac computer

Keep in mind with the Windows and Mac Backup solutions below if you don’t remove your backups and store them in a safe place they can be stolen or destroyed by fire, floods or other natural or man-made disasters.

Windows Backup

On your Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 computers, there’s a backup program that creates a backup of your data on your hard drive, it’s in your control panel and it will back up to your computer data to an external hard drive. In Windows 7 yo, just left click on the start button on the bottom left of your monitor and then left click on “control panel”, then click on “system and security” and now click on “Backup and Restore”. At this point, click on the “setup backup” link to the right of the box, now you just click on the external hard drive you want to back up to and click on “next”.  In the “Review, your backup setting” window just click on “Save settings and run backup” and you’re done.

On Windows 8.1 and 10 after you plug in your external hard drive to your computer, you left click on the white window icon on the bottom left of your screen and then left click on the Settings icon which looks like a gear. Then you click on the “Update and Security icon at the very bottom of the window. On the left of the window left click on “Backup” and on the right, you will need to left click on “+ Add a drive”, just click on your external hard drive and you’re done. You can use other storage devices like NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server and other network devices.


Mac’s Time Machine BackupBest Laptop Shop! BUSINESS SERVICES for server, desktop and laptop repair services


McIntosh or Mac computers have a really simple and robust backup solution, it’s called Time Machine. It is really easy to start and configure. All you do is plug in an external hard drive and wait a moment. Then a window (pictured above) will open and ask “Do you want to use (Name of Your backup Drive) to back up with Time Machine Backup” and you click on “Use as Backup Disk”, and you’re done. Time Machine will backup your user library data folders, your programs, and settings. You can also use other storage devices like NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server or another online storage device. So if your Mac hard drive dies all you have to do is get your Mac repaired with a new drive or get a new Mac if need be and you can restore from your Time Machine backup and you are back in business just like you were before the problem.

Absolutely Need your Data, This is What we Recommend to our Business & Personal Customers

Truly a Dependable Off-Site Cloud Backup Solution! Crash Plan Backup Service

So to start off, we have used many off-site cloud backup solutions and we found that they are not all created equal. The one that we have been recommending to our customers for years and using ourselves for our businesses and personal use is Crash Plan Backup Service. We have no connection or affiliation with them at all and if you click on the hyperlink we don’t get any money. We will recommend them until we find something better. Crash Plan has a number of reasons why we use and recommend them:

  • Free 30 Day Trial: So you can use their service to see if you like it without having to give them a credit card number.
  • HIPA Compliant: Your data is encrypted from the time your data leaves your computer and is also encrypted while on the cloud servers. Doctors and Medical facilities can use this service for backing up their patients’ data.
  • Backups in Layers: If you have an Excel spreadsheet or a QuickBooks database on Monday that is corrupt and will not open, but it worked great on last Friday all you have to do is log in to your Crash Plan account and download it from Fridays backup and you are up and running.
  • You can use your mobile device to retrieve your data.
  • Will backup to an external hard drive at the same time as the cloud backup.
  • Truly Unlimited Storage: No storage limits, no bandwidth throttling and no excuses.
  • Varied Plans for Business and Personal use: You can install Crash Plan on your servers, workstations and personal computer so you will retain all your data. 

This is just some brief instructions on how you should backup if don’t know how and an alternative for really dependable cloud off-site backups. If you have any questions about this post just email us at info@ballardcomputer.com or go to https://ballardcomputer.com and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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