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Ballard Computer Solutions

With many companies out there offering computer repair PC and Mac services, choosing the right company may be a challenging thing to do. We understand that quality, safe and speedy service is what you need which is why we are your technological experts. All our technicians are trained and certified. As soon as you bring in your PC or Mac to us, we will check its problem through our free diagnostic procedure and get back to you as soon as possible.

Computer Repair

Services-Computer problems can be hard to solve on your own. With the computer complexity today, you need a professional to take your computer back to normal. Our team will establish your computer’s problem by determining the right software or hardware needed. They’ll also explain the problem to you in an easier way to make an informed decision about repairs. We will also eliminate destructive viruses using our diagnostic tools.

We also perform hardware and software upgrades. With time, the hard drive and memory may fail to keep up with the demands of the new applications which is why an upgrade may be necessary. Do you have to wait for your old computer to boot up for too long? We can replace the old hard drive with a faster model. Besides, programs keep updating time to time. Just in case you may need your programs to be updated, we can run a diagnostic test on your PC to make sure that all programs are up-to-date. This will improve the performance and safety of your computer.

Data Recovery Service

Services-Hard Drive Failure Recovery

Have you accidentally lost your useful data? We understand that loss of data can be such a stressful experience especially if the cause of the loss is unknown. Our professional team of technicians is very committed to recovering the data in the safest way possible. We scan the hard drive that contains the lost data and recover the deleted file from the faulty drive. Also, we use our advanced and custom methods to recover the data from the failing drive. Besides, we can also recover data from a drive that has been physically damaged through extreme recovery techniques.

 Laptop Repair

If you are experiencing these issues, don’t worry because our team will solve them either by replacing the faulty hard drive or re-install windows. We also repair or replace laptop motherboards that are malfunctioning or have failed at a pocket-friendly price.

Laptops are prone issues such as;

– Blue screen of death

– Noisy hard drive

– Computer not starting

– “Operating system not found” Messages.

Networking Wireless and Wired

Networking and Routers

We can install a wired network for you to enhance speed and security. If you need multiple computers and peripherals connections in your business, we can set up a wireless cable router as well as other dial-up internet connection. This network is the easiest, and you may also add printers and other devices to the network. Our team will also ensure a secure connection to protect your network from people who may want to hitchhike it. You can contact us now if you need a wireless network at home or business.

Dentrix Dental Solutions 

We can provide all your software and hardware support needs. Our technicians are knowledgeable about Dentrix Software tech support within an in-office setting. Most of all we are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We support this software, not only will this software help you provide better care for your patients but will help in the bottom line also. We provide full-service PC and MAC computer repair and data recovery.

Server IT Support

The safest place to save all of your data is a Server. It is one heavy duty computer that holds all of your office data for one central location. The benefit is that one computer is safely backed up daily to an offsite computer. In the cloud services, the off-site computer automatically or manually backed up by an office staff. We recommend that your server gets the office data gets backed up automatically every night after the staff has gone home.

 PC Tune Up and Check up

We are specialists in computer checkups and tune-ups. Do you need your old computer system customized? We can get your system new and run in the way that you want. We make your computer operate faster and efficiently by;

– Scanning hard disk for any read or write errors

– Check the volumes of the hard disks to improve functionality

– Hard drive optimization

– Clean up registry

– BIOS Optimization

– Uninstall the unused services

 WI-fi and wireless networking

If you can hardly connect to the WI-FI, it’s always important to check for any connection issues. Wi-Fi issues may occur as a result of either software or hardware problem. Our team is highly prepared to resolve the issue to get you back online.

If you need a wireless network at your home, we can get you covered. Our skilled team will direct you and recommend any hardware you may need. They will also set it up for you to make it fast, easy-to-understand and optimal. All this will not require you to dig too much into your pocket.

IT Support

Our support offers on-site and remote services. Their experience, knowledge, affordability and friendly interactions speak for them. We provide 24/7 services to solve your issue at any time you need us. We believe in a fast turnaround with a high success rate. You will want to come back to us with our competitive pricing to save your money on a quality service.

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