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Data Loss in Laptop

PC Repair of laptops and desk computers the hard-drive. They are extremely sensitive to jarring or jolts and static electricity. Therefore if the PC or MAC computer will not a startup. You’ll be tempted to keep trying over and over trying to long-on and start the Laptop or computer. We strongly suggest, do keep trying over and over”. For repeated try’s that are not successful. It causes more damage to hard-drive and could result in severe or complete data loss.

My computer is making a strange noise and whirring sounds. What do you recommend?

We recommend you unplug the computer from the wall electrical connection. To avoid severe or complete data loss could result. The sounds are more likely to come from writing heads — the scraping or hitting platters inside the hard-drive damaging saved data.

Our work is 100% guaranteed. No recovery, No charge. No kidding!

Simple steps to ensure smooth data recovery: A little bit of planning can mean the difference. Of losing all the data, that will take months to recreate to be back to the pre-crash of data loss. Backup plan. Off-site data storage. Keeps the data off-site in case of fire, theft, or hardware failure. Plan ahead of time to know what kind of backup plan is acceptable for you. Call us for your free consultation.

In cloud computing (server farm) automated data backup starts when you’re not working on the computer. Data is backed up to an off-site location.

Our Simple solution. Share some of your hard-drive space with a family member. When you save their information in return, and they protect your data on their computer. It is best to set computer settings for auto backups on non-working hours.

External Hard-drive.

Best if data automatically backs up on non-working hours to backup from your computer. For an external hard-drive that is mobile and ready when unplugged. Great for home use or business.

Manager backup of the day’s business, this usually done at the end of the day. Usually, someone locks in a fireproof box, or someone takes data home.

Hard Drive Mirror Drives Installation.

Two hard drives are working, and they are the same. So when one hard-drive stops running. The other hard-two hard drives installed, duplicating the same data from the back-up. A mirrored Drive will make an exact duplicate of the main hard-drive. So when one fails. Replace the broken Hard drive, and the clone will write the data to the new hard drive. That is what makes two copies of the same data. One hard drive breaks while the other drive is ready to keep working while the broken hard-drive gets replaced. A backup off-site will still be needed to secure against therefore fire.

Laptop Data Recovery

Be ready when disaster strikes.

Be ready to be back in business after a simple restore of your data. Ask us how!

Server, Network data is stored on one server computer. One backup needed for the whole facility. We recommend mirror drives and off-site backup daily on nonworking hours. The cost of service depends on how much data gets backed up daily. The benefits are, if fire or thief happens, you are back in business in a matter of a few hours, not days.

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Unlocking the Power of Flash Drives

Ballard Computer Solutions’ 25 Years of Optimized Drive Excellence”

For a quarter-century, Ballard Computer Solutions has been at the forefront of optimizing the potential of flash drives, revolutionizing the way data is stored, accessed, and transferred. As technology rapidly evolves, the significance of flash drives remains undeniable. These compact, portable storage devices have become indispensable, offering unparalleled advantages in data management and accessibility.

At Ballard Computer Solutions, we understand the critical role flash drives play in modern computing. Our expertise spans two and a half decades, during which we’ve honed our skills to provide optimal solutions for leveraging these versatile devices.

The advantages of an optimized drive, particularly in the realm of flash drives, cannot be overstated. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we have streamlined the performance of flash drives to ensure:

  1. Enhanced Speed and Efficiency: We optimize flash drives to maximize their read and write speeds, allowing for swift data transfer and seamless access to information.
  2. Reliable Data Security: Our solutions prioritize data integrity and security. We implement robust encryption and protection measures to safeguard your valuable information stored on these drives.
  3. Portability and Convenience: Leveraging the compact nature of flash drives, we emphasize their convenience and ease of use, making them an ideal solution for on-the-go professionals and everyday users alike.
  4. Tailored Solutions: With our extensive experience, we offer customized optimization services, catering to the unique needs of various industries and individual preferences.

As we celebrate our 25th year of service, Ballard Computer Solutions takes pride in our continued commitment to innovation and excellence in optimizing flash drives. Our journey has been marked by a dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of the best in storage solutions.

Join us as we celebrate 25 years of expertise, reliability, and dedication to providing optimized drive solutions that empower your digital experiences. At Ballard Computer Solutions, we’re not just keeping pace with technology – we’re setting the standard for excellence.

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SD Cards

The Critical Component for Data Recovery at Ballard Computer Solutions”

At Ballard Computer Solutions, we recognize the pivotal role SD cards play in modern computing as a primary source of data storage for various devices. These small, portable, and versatile cards have become integral components in digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, serving as repositories for valuable data, including photos, videos, documents, and more.

The significance of SD cards in our data recovery services cannot be overstated. These cards often hold vital information, making them crucial when retrieving lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted data. Whether due to formatting errors, file system corruption, physical damage, or user mistakes, SD cards frequently require specialized attention to recover their contents successfully.

At Ballard Computer Solutions, we’ve honed our SD card data recovery expertise over the years, employing advanced techniques and cutting-edge tools to extract and restore lost data effectively. Our comprehensive approach involves:

  1. Specialized Recovery Techniques: Our skilled technicians utilize specialized software and tools designed specifically for SD card data recovery. These methods enable us to access, retrieve, and reconstruct lost or damaged data from these compact storage devices.

  2. Expertise in Various Formats: SD cards come in different formats, including SDHC, SDXC, and microSD. Our team is well-versed in handling various SD card formats, ensuring a tailored approach to each recovery scenario.

  3. Precision and Care: Recovering data from SD cards demands precision and care. We take meticulous steps to ensure the integrity of recovered data while adhering to industry best practices.

  4. Client-Centric Approach: Understanding the significance of the data stored on these cards, we prioritize client satisfaction and confidentiality throughout recovery.

SD cards often reposit cherished memories, critical business information, or vital personal data. Our commitment to delivering successful SD card data recovery services remains unwavering. At Ballard Computer Solutions, we stand ready to help clients retrieve their valuable data from these essential storage components, providing peace of mind and ensuring that your crucial information is safe.

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