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Easy ways to backup your computer, Mac & PC

Don’t ONLY use USB external hard drives to backup We have been asked numerous times about how our customers (business and personal) can backup and protect their data. This is a basic explanation of how it can be done. Some of our customers are experiencing very stressful moments with their data storage and backup solutions and have to resort to using data recovery experts to retrieve their information. We have encountered a number of people that use an external hard drive that are connected to their computer and they are working exclusively off of that external hard drive and that is their only copy of the data. If you are doing that you need to stop what you are doing and make a copy of that drive ASAP. Even if you just copy the full contents of the external hard drive to another computer. You always need at least 2 or more copies of your data on different storage devices in case one fails. What people don’t realize is that a lot of hard drive manufacturers use their worst hard drives in the external hard drive enclosures, it’s usually all about price and not dependability, even if you pay a higher than normal price, it doesn’t mean you have and better hard drive. Something else to consider is if you backup your data onto many drives and you just leave those drives on your desk or other unprotected spots in your home or office it doesn’t protect your data at all from fire, floods, theft or other disasters. That’s why you need a dependable, safe, off-site cloud backup solution. Always make sure you have a good backup Mac or PC without errors Any backup is better than none...